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Our Story - Education Funding Partners
About EFP

EFP puts the power of national brand marketing resources to work for public education by linking carefully selected brands and forward-thinking school districts to build successful partnerships. Leading companies successfully engage with millions of parents and educators while districts impacted by the ongoing budget crisis gain sustainable funding solutions. Through a national school district network built by EFP, brands invest in the K-12 community by preserving educational and enrichment programs while also generating a return on their investment. It’s a great example of ‘doing well by doing good.’

Experience & recognition

EFP is part of an elite group of corporations that has earned a certified B Corporation. EFP, a for-profit company, is guided by comprehensive social performance standards. EFP has been Awarded ‘Best for the World’ by B Lab for the past five years and has the distinction of one of ‘Five Bright Ideas for Education’ by Harvard Business School. 

The EFP management team has a unique skill set with a blend of experiences working with both school districts nationwide and Fortune 500 companies; together we develop marketing and advertising campaigns that drive student advancement and engagement.

Headquartered in downtown Chicago, IL, EFP is a division of Abundant Venture Partners, LLC.

Abundant Venture Partners
Working responsibly

Over the last seven years, EFP has built the safest digital advertising tool for U.S. public school districts. Every day, EFP strives to remain the best-in-class through new strategic partnerships, technology, and product innovation.

Districts, organizations, business schools and the press have taken notice and we hope you join EFP in its efforts to create a movement. The goal is to make the lives of those that serve our families in public education easier by helping you solve your districts funding needs.