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For School Districts - Education Funding Partners

What is EFP adNet?

EFP adNet is a digital advertising platform that only runs safe and education-friendly brands viewable by parents, teachers and students. Districts monetize their website digital assets by running carefully screened ads on selected pages. 

Districts around the United States are joining the EFP adNet movement by creating new revenue streams they can control and count on month after month. 

What are your district funding needs?

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s free to school districts. EFP uses a revenue share model. The revenue generated by the EFP adNet program can be used at the district’s discretion, to fund programs that elevate student success and drive community engagement.

What is the adNet
“All-Ways On” program?

All-Ways On is the quickest, easiest way to start earning money for your district. Advertisers want to pay you for impressions of visitors to your district and school websites. Each impression earns revenue. 

Leverage the power of your digital assets by placing education-appropriate ads in All-Ways:  

• All websites in your district

• All pages on each site

• All recommended categories of advertisers

What do I have to do?

EFP’s friendly district team makes on-boarding very easy. Assemble the decision makers for a quick call, then after an email or two you’ll be good to go. EFP is ready to help you through the evaluation and decision-making process to help you start earning revenue as quickly as possible.

Get Started

Who advertises on adNet?

Only high quality, trusted brands whose ads are displayed on districts’ websites through EFP adNet. 

In service to districts, EFP carefully monitors advertisers and ad content in order to provide a safe and education-friendly environment.

adNet Brands

Where do the ads run?

Districts choose where the ads run. Homepage and other frequently visited pages are the most popular choices. Homepage banner ads generate the highest revenue.

High traffic homepages

Many district website user experiences begin on the homepage. Advertisers like the American Red Cross and Walmart—who have timely messaging to communicate—are attracted to high-trafficked pages.

Our adNet platform is responsive

Whether parents, teachers, or administrators access their district’s website via a desktop, tablet, or a mobile device, our ads scale to fit the environment in a responsive manner.

Display ads on teacher pages

EFP adNet is attractive to advertisers, like Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoes, who have Back-to-School products of interest to parents.

Have more questions?

Check out EFP adNet’s frequently asked questions.