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For Education Organisations - Education Funding Partners
What is EFP adNet?

EFP adNet is a digital advertising platform that raises funds for education by running safe and education-friendly brands.

Through using carefully screened, youth-friendly advertisements targeted at a 13-or-older audience —primarily parents, teachers, and other adults involved in education — our company and product, EFP adNet, bring the power and resources of national brands to support academic achievement

While EFP adNet began as a product for U.S. school districts, our team has a deep respect and admiration for the wide range of organizations that promote educational pursuits. Innovative organizations and resources that promote learning have had an increasing effect on the field of education, and EFP sees these organizations as both pivotal to student success and well aligned with our mission.

As a result, EFP has established relationships with a variety of organizations in the K-12 and higher ed space to drive student achievement. We look forward to work with you to support your organization’s funding needs.

Who is currently using EFP adNet?

EFP works with both non-profit and for-profit entities in the education sector that provide services or products that promote learning, achievement, and student/teacher success.

We currently work with the below organizations to help drive a new revenue source.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Implementation is free, and EFP operates under a revenue share model in sending the generated funds back to you. Once we get paid through advertisers’ media spend, the majority the funds generated are sent back to you.

Additionally, this new revenue has no strings attached. EFP leaves is up to you to determine how the funds can best be used to support your organization and further education.  

How, and Where, Do the Ads Run?

EFP adNet can either be used for the full monetization of your organization’s digital assets or to supplement the advertising you are currently doing. In each case, advertisers pay you for the impressions created by the visitors of your site(s), and each impression earns revenue.

To maximize the revenue generated, we recommend placing our education-friendly ads on all high-traffic pages of your website(s) and allowing a variety of brands to run through our safe system.