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eSchoolView and Education Funding Partners to Drive Revenue for School Districts with Innovative EFP adNet Tool - Education Funding Partners

July 23, 2018

eSchoolView and Education Funding Partners to Drive Revenue for School Districts with Innovative EFP adNet Tool

New partnership with EFP adNet gives eSchoolView school districts and schools a way to monetize their digital assets

JULY 17, 2018 – eSchoolView and Education Funding Partners (EFP) today announced a partnership that will give eSchoolView website customers a free, turnkey funding solution through EFP adNet. The tool seamlessly embeds safe programmatic digital advertising on school district and school websites. Since 2010, EFP has developed and managed marketing partnerships between the K-12 public school community and top U.S. corporations to generate sustainable new revenue for districts.

This summer, EFP adNet will integrate with eSchoolView’s website platform, giving their customers the ability to “turn-on” EFP adNet and begin running ads from a carefully-vetted selection of family-friendly brands. EFP adNet is simple to set up and requires little time to manage, with districts and schools in full control over the number and placement of ads on their site pages. The EFP adNet tool is available on all eSchoolView custom websites.

“We are excited to partner with EFP to bring a new, free, sustainable revenue opportunity to the 700+ school districts and schools we work with,“ said Rob O’Leary, executive director, co-founder and CEO of eSchoolView. “This partnership further demonstrates eSchoolView’s unwavering commitment to providing breakthrough education services to school districts nationwide.”

“Great partners like eSchoolView reaffirm that excellent schools are everyone’s business,” said EFP CEO Tom Weeks. “The eSchoolView partnership with EFP enables more schools and districts to use the EFP adNet tool to earn new revenue to advance student achievement. eSchoolView & EFP are keenly aware that the majority of K-12 schools still experience funding levels lower than they did pre-2008. Together we offer turnkey solutions to allow districts to utilize free funding opportunities to sustain important programs and initiatives.”

EFP has relationships with family friendly brands and companies like Walmart, CVS, Target, AAA Travel, Procter & Gamble and Sam’s Club, who want to reach moms and families through the brand-safe, high digital-intent environments of school and education organization websites. The advertising dollars these brands spend through the EFP adNet digital ad network is given directly back to EFP’s participating districts and organizations for them to use as they choose.

About Education Funding Partners

Education Funding Partners (EFP) is a trusted, simple, and effective digital advertising solution for school districts, education-focused organizations and consumer brands. Leading Fortune 500 companies engage with millions of parents and educators through a new, scalable and brand-safe advertising media vehicle, while districts and education organizations impacted by the ongoing budget crisis gain a sustainable funding solution. Through EFP adNet, the nation’s largest education-based digital ad publishing network, brands and agencies reach moms and parents of school-aged children while also investing their media dollars back into the K-12 community. EFP (www.edufundingpartners.com) is a certified B Corporation, a for-profit company guided by comprehensive social performance standards. EFP has been Awarded ‘Best for the World’ by B Lab for the past six years and was named one of ‘Five Bright Ideas for Education’ by Harvard Business School. EFP is a division of ©2018 Abundant Venture Partners, LLC (www.abundantventurepartners.com).

CONTACT: Nancy Kerbs, Education Funding Partners – (508) 333-3488 or nkerbs@edufundingpartners.com

About eSchoolView

eSchoolView (www.eschoolview.com) builds custom websites for K-12 schools — public, private, charter and faith-based — and education organizations with its easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). eSchoolView’s CMS platform works with a number of integrated products and helps clients extend their reach with the ability to embed blogs, surveys, RSS feeds, e-newsletters, podcasts and videos. eSchoolView also created OneView to enhance data integration to help school districts increase internal efficiency and parent engagement. This is accomplished by pushing and pulling—with one login—student database information (enrollment details, health records, athletic eligibility) from various student information systems (SIS) such as ProgressBook, PowerSchool and eSchoolPlus. eSchoolView’s mission is to help schools and educational organizations build relationships with their primary stakeholders: parents, community members, and staff and students.

CONTACT: Nathan Hartman, eSchoolView – (888) 932-6460 ext. 154 or nhartman@eschoolview.com

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