November 9, 2016

K-12 Education Needs Civically Engaged Citizens

According to Ballotopedia, 664 school districts are holding school board elections in 2016, which will affect more than 17 million students (1). Remember, voting is just one of the many ways to be civically engaged. Community involvement can take many forms, whether that be volunteering, lobbying local government officials, attending town hall meetings, knowing your neighbors, or being well-informed on the issues affecting your community.

Want a quick recap of the some of the state education measures on the November 8 ballot? Give this a quick read:

State legislatures are making it easier than ever for citizens to be civically engaged with regard to state education policy. Thanks to the internet, one no longer needs to look up their local representative’s phone number or have the right postage to send a letter, it’s now all online. It’s increasingly common place for state governments to have pages on their websites where anyone can share their two cents about a specific topic. Check out the way Idaho and Mississippi are offering citizens a platform to give their opinion on the state education funding formula.

State seeks input on school funding
“The survey can be accessed online at, and all responses are anonymous.”

Legislative leaders seek public input on school funding
“Mississippians can send ideas and input regarding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program and potential revisions to”

Creating better schools is a community movement. It cannot be done by government, teacher, or parent action alone. Indeed, educating the next generation calls on everyone to be civically engaged. Whether that means volunteering in a classroom, contributing to a fundraiser, or going to see the local high school play, everyone can support their local public school. Education Funding Partners (EFP) believes that sufficient school funding is at the core of providing the best possible education to students. Please contact us for more information about how your school district can partner with EFP to bring in new, sustainable revenue streams from digital sponsorships by education-friendly companies.


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