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School Sports is Still the Key to a Well-Rounded Student

Contributed by Meghan Sullivan Scoring the winning goal. Passing the tie-breaking touchdown. Finishing first place in a split-second race. Just as the start of a new school year brings opportunities for learning and academic growth, it brings possibilities for athletic greatness through the start of a new season of school sports. As we all know, sports are an extremely popular extracurricular activity for students and there’s no sign that that is changing. The National Federation […]

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5 Ways to Fend Off Negative Stress in Classrooms and Students

Contributed by Meghan Sullivan “Biology exam Friday, project due Monday, volleyball game Saturday morning.” Written in assignment notebooks across the nation, students’ to-do lists can seem never-ending and spark a great deal of stress. To make matters worse, a lack of sleep or a conflict at home could bring outside stress into the classroom as well. Teachers face similar stressors working in an academic environment. Papers to grade, lessons to plan, and other administrative tasks […]

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Smart Internet Use, Smart Students

The internet is everywhere. Today’s students are growing up with smart phones in their hands, tablets on their nightstands, and laptops in their kitchens. The internet has become an integral part of how this generation understands the world and interacts with it. Students have endless information at the touch of their fingertips outside of typical school hours. Some even argue that the internet is the first step to leveling the education playing field because it […]

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