Stop Breathe Think

Easy Ways for Students & Teachers to Practice Mindfulness Every Day of the Week

By Christine Dickson Reading, writing, math, science — all topics that are heavily covered in school and considered an important part of a student’s future success. But what if stress causes a student to shut down? What if anxiety prevents a bright student from showing their full potential? Just as students learn how to read and write, students should also be learning how to recognize and handle their emotions. Emotional strength is integral to helping students […]

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5 Ways to Fend Off Negative Stress in Classrooms and Students

Contributed by Meghan Sullivan “Biology exam Friday, project due Monday, volleyball game Saturday morning.” Written in assignment notebooks across the nation, students’ to-do lists can seem never-ending and spark a great deal of stress. To make matters worse, a lack of sleep or a conflict at home could bring outside stress into the classroom as well. Teachers face similar stressors working in an academic environment. Papers to grade, lessons to plan, and other administrative tasks […]

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