Mathematics Awareness Month: Show Students the Fun & Sassy Side of Math

Contributed by Grace Xie Mathematics Awareness Month was initially established by President Ronald Reagan, who started it as just a week back in 1986. “The application of mathematics is indispensable in such diverse fields as medicine, computer sciences, space exploration, the skilled trades, business, defense, and government,” he said. “To help encourage the study and utilization of mathematics, it is appropriate that all Americans be reminded of the importance of this basic branch of science […]

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How Celebrities are Making a Difference, One Educational Program at a Time

Contributed by Katia Podtynov Whether it’s on stage, the field or the screen, celebrities have a way of making us believe in the “magic” they bring into the world. They have the power to bring communities together and inspire passion among populations. U.S. celebrities have made a name for themselves not only through their respective talents but also in the education sector. There have been many that have helped make a difference in the lives […]

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Computer Science Education Week 2017: Cracking the Code for a Brighter Tomorrow

Contributed by Meghan Sullivan What do Amazon, Google and Netflix have in common? If you said that these three companies are technology giants providing people with digital platforms that have become embedded in our daily lives, you’d certainly be right. But beyond where these companies are today, they also share remarkably similar beginnings — each of these three giants was founded and led by a person with a penchant for computer science. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s […]

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National Energy Awareness Month and STEM Education: How Both are Crucial to Our World’s Future

Contributed by Nicholas Prajka Improvements in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculums over the years has allowed our society to evolve rapidly. While some would argue that improving practices to become more productive and cost-efficient is most important to our society, we should acknowledge that the next step is to find more sustainable energy sources so we can continue evolving while also reducing our collective carbon footprint. What better time to do that than […]

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