National Book Month

11 Books for Educators to Refresh Their To-Read List

By Christine Dickson For book lovers, it’s the best month of the year. October is National Book Month, a celebration of books and the incredible knowledge that they contain. For educators, this should be a big deal in your schools and classrooms. Celebrating books is just one way to get students on the road to becoming lifelong readers. But while you’re celebrating National Book Month with your students and encouraging them to read, let’s not […]

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National Book Month: Here’s What Books Mean to the EFP Team

Books are imbued with an enduring kind of power. The stories they tell can stick with us for a lifetime. With that in mind, the EFP team is celebrating October’s National Book Month with a look back at books that have made a lasting impression on us. We thought about the books we read when we were in school — the ones that opened our eyes to new perspectives, taught us valuable lessons or that captured […]

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