11 Books for Educators to Refresh Their To-Read List

By Christine Dickson For book lovers, it’s the best month of the year. October is National Book Month, a celebration of books and the incredible knowledge that they contain. For educators, this should be a big deal in your schools and classrooms. Celebrating books is just one way to get students on the road to becoming lifelong readers. But while you’re celebrating National Book Month with your students and encouraging them to read, let’s not […]

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The Best Deals for Teachers on Black Friday 2017

Contributed by Nicholas Prajka It shouldn’t come as a surprise that educators tend to show their passion for teaching even when they are outside the classroom. It comes out in little ways, like when you linger over a nicely illustrated children’s book or reflexively pick up a pack of Paper Mate Flair pens because it contains colors you don’t have yet. Whether they plan for it or not, teachers spend their own money on their […]

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