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7 Easy Ways for Your Classroom & Students to Give Back this Holiday Season

By Christine Dickson For those who are happy and healthy, the holiday season is certainly the most wonderful time of the year. Full of vacation time, family gatherings, food, and presents, the holidays seem to pack everything we enjoy the most about life into the span of a couple months. And the magic and happiness we experience as adults is only magnified for kids. Unfortunately, not everyone in our communities is blessed with full tables […]

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Resilience in the Face of Hurricane Harvey

It is a somber time in Houston, and all other areas of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The record-breaking flooding has affected millions of lives, and has struck a chord with the nation as a whole. The images and videos filling news stations are overwhelming in its immenseness and scale. In many cases this can make us feel helpless, but it is important to remember that even if you cannot take your speedboat through the […]

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