Program Examples

Be a part of the movement to restore popular education and enrichment programs with secure, new sources of funding.

Join other, large public school districts that welcome appropriate support from corporations. Revenue-generating programs facilitated by EFP shore up your budget and advance student achievement.

School Supplies Discounts

Districts: California and Texas
Brand: World’s Largest Office Products Company
Objective: Provide School Supplies Discounts
Program Highlights:
On-campus program leveraging back-to-school supplies lists. Provided discounts for teachers and families, while generating new revenue for districts.

Flu Prevention

Districts: Florida and Virginia
Brand: Largest U.S. Pharmacy Chain
Objective: Flu Prevention
Program Highlights:
Flu shot campaign targeting the K-12 community. Offered convenient flu shots for families and faculty, while providing sponsorship funds for districts.

Digitize All Teachers’ Back to School Supplies Lists

Districts: California, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina
Brand: One of World’s Largest Discount Retailers
Objective: Digitize All Teachers’ Back to School Supplies Lists
Program Highlights:
Digitized all teacher and district school supply lists. Simplified shopping for families and created a new revenue stream for districts.

Test Program for New Funds

Brands: Hilton, L.L. Bean, Hallmark Cards
Objective: Test Program
Program Highlights:
Online program delivered messages from major brands to the K-12 community. Generated immediate, new funds for districts.

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