For Districts

Major brands want to support your students’ achievement in your school district and throughout our nation.

EFP brings the marketing resources of carefully selected Fortune 500 companies (education and family-friendly brands) to forward thinking public school districts. Districts need revenue, corporate brands want to reach parents, teachers and administrators. It’s a win-win scenario.

Your district will secure sustainable, new sources of revenue and retain control over brand sponsors, messages, and placement. Utilizing your digital media assets on your district website, EFP creates custom digital marketing programs for corporate brands to reach your online users and audience.

Join the EFP National Network and find the digitally-based seasonal marketing partnerships that are right for your district. New revenue to benefit your students is one click away with the new “always on” programmatic ad platform on our new EFP adNet.

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Year Round Partnerships

EFP builds marketing programs with district needs in mind as identified by district leaders, parents and teachers as is critical to student achievement. The Back-to-School time period brings significant partnership opportunities for districts and brands, as are events such as Graduation, Prom and Holiday. STEM, Health & Wellness and Athletics are other key year-round platforms which EFP creates opportunities around.

Join forward-thinking districts in EFP’s growing national network of large public school districts who want more control over their current and future sources of revenue.

Get To Know Our Education Team

At EFP, Karen Hanson manages the school district team that serves as "the collective voice of school districts". Tirelessly advocating on behalf of public school districts, they assist in creating the appropriate, responsible and compelling sponsorship packages for the education sector. Karen and the district team know first hand the challenges and triumphs of working in public education and bring this unique perspective to the overall EFP team. They are passionate about three things: Public Education, Student Achievement, and EFP's mission to bring new financial resources to school districts nationwide.

Karen and the EFP district team welcome the opportunity to connect with school districts to discuss specific needs and opportunities.

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TSPRA Annual Conference, Galveston, TX
February 20-23, 2017

AASA, New Orleans, LA
March 2-4, 2017

MSPRA Annual Conference, Ann Arbor, MI
March 16-17, 2017

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