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Property taxes and mill levies are no longer funding public education sufficiently.

EFP sees unprecedented new opportunities for major corporations and large public school districts to solve the current funding crisis in education together. We build mutually beneficial partnerships between education-friendly brands and school districts.

Why should brands support public education? How does appropriate corporate support of public schools make sense for parents, teachers and the K-12 community? Where will society see the long-term benefit?

EFP answers these big questions in our Evolved Thinking series. Our white papers address why brands and schools must work together to advance student achievement.

A "Fee" Education - How Businesses Can Help Offset the Growing Impact of School Budget Cuts on American Families

Release Date: November 2013

Public schools in the U.S. no longer offer a free education to K-12 students. New research by Education Funding Partners reveals that 74% of American families now pay additional fees to support their child's education. This white paper outlines how companies can help lift the financial burden from parents and gain business benefits.

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The Case for Corporate Marketing Investments in Public Education to Grow Minds and Mindshare

Release Date: September 2012

Many Americans today are looking at the economy through a new lens and redefining themselves as consumers. Research reveals that consumers will switch brands and even pay more for a product attached to a good cause. This white paper examines the evolution of Cause Marketing and shares how companies who make an authentic commitment to a good cause can reflect their core values and reinforce their brand identities.

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Education's Perfect Storm Hits Students, Parents and Communities: Innovative Financing Sources Offer a Brighter Future

Release Date: July 2012

Epic budget cuts to the U.S. public school system have created a ripple effect through society that goes far beyond slashing budget line items. The paper focuses on the immediate impacts to American families, employers and students as well as the ramifications of future funding cuts. It also defines an opportunity for leading corporations to channel marketing funds and philanthropic dollars into education sponsorship initiatives.

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How to Put Brands to Work for Public Education

Release Date: May 2012

We've reached an inflection point in U.S. public education with an unprecedented budget crisis. Leading companies have an outstanding opportunity to shape the future of their workforces and enhance public school education through programmatic sponsorships. This white paper addresses the role of responsible brands in supporting education.

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