National Research Study

Schools across the country are turning to parents to offset years of budget shortfalls.

Major news organizations have covered the trend of growing fees in public education. EFP decided to dig deeper. Our national research shows the majority of Americans with children in K-12 public school now pay additional fees.

School Fees Overview


74% of families with children in U.S. public schools pay additional fees


80% of families say the fees impact their budgets


53% spend $100 - $400 per child


39% say the fees are unfair

National Fee Breakdown

Classroom supplies
PTA support
Participation in band, drama productions or clubs
Sports fees
Additional classes, such as art and music

From EFP’s unique vantage point, the burden of school fees presents a unique opportunity for corporations to support education, connect with target consumers, and provide financial relief for families.

American consumers want major brands to support causes important to them.

A 2010 study by Cone Cause Marketing shows that 93% of moms will switch brands to one that supports a cause. Education ranks as a preferred consumer cause.

Additionally, recent EFP research shows 64% of parents think corporate support of public schools is the best solution for reducing the cost of a ‘fee’ education for families, who increasingly are shouldering the burden for school budget shortfalls.

The Cost of Public School Survey was conducted by Education Funding Partners the week of September 23, 2013. It is a national survey of 419 U.S. residents with a confidence interval of +/- 5%