EFP adNet FAQs

EFP adNet Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing. It’s free to public school districts. EFP uses a revenue share model. Your district receives 65% of the cost of the program. EFP receives 35% for managing the partnership.
You choose where the ads run. Homepage and other frequently visited pages (like Staff and Parent Portals or where your school menus or athletic schedules are located) are most popular choices. Ad placement above the fold is a common requirement of brand sponsors. Homepage banner ads generate the highest revenue since the homepage has the most traffic.
Visitors to the website pages where your district decides to place the ads. Our brands want to reach parents and teachers, not students.
YES. EFP allows each school district to customize its EFP adNet program to suit its needs. In the EFP adNet tool you can select by product/service category or by individual brand. If at anytime you see an ad that doesn’t work for your school district, simply email us the URL and that ad will be removed from the program.
We partner with over 1,000 brands and you can customize for your district. You can include the entire brand list or any selection of them you choose. (Link to a list of current EFP brands)
Your district is paid based on the number of impressions, so it varies. The more categories and brands you select, the more revenue your district will earn. If you run the ads on more high traffic web pages, you’ll earn more. It’s revenue you can budget for, month after month. Use our EFP adNet calculator to get an estimate of how much money your district can generate based on your district size and the experience of districts like yours: http://www.edufundingpartners.com/school-districts/digital-revenue-opportunities/
EFP pays on a quarterly schedule. The details are outlined in the EFP adNet contract.
Banner – 300 x 250, 728 x 90, or 160 x 600 They fit very well and are not distracting to the primary business of your site – communicating with your school community.
After you choose the individual brands or product/service categories, EFP manages the rest. It’s that easy. We will provide you with the necessary implementation steps and assistance. You authorize us to “turn on” the ads. That’s it. There is no ongoing maintenance needed by the district.
Yes. You can add brands or categories at any time. Simply sign-in to the EFP adNet portal on the EFP website. You can access your category/brand list and make any additions or changes you’d like to make.
Yes. You can start with what are called, “house ads.” These ads won’t generate revenue but can help get your stakeholders used to seeing the messages on your website pages. Such house ads include United Way, AARP, US Department of Energy and other public service messages. It is your decision if this step would be helpful.
Over the last three years, EFP has been running digital ad banners across district websites. To date we have served over 446,641,309 impressions. EFP serves up to 20 million impressions per month for school districts across the country.
Yes. We would be happy to share examples from other districts.
Yes! Some of your impressions will run the other sponsorship programs while EFP adNet continues to fill the remaining impressions. The allocation is determined to try to maximize the revenue you generate.
When an ad space goes unsold, you have two options for your blank ad space. One option is to fill it with a house ad. A house ad is an ad council ad that promotes a public service announcement centered around a number of different topics (e.g. education, family & community, health, safety, etc..). The second option is to have the ad space collapse and the website will retain the original appearance that it would have without an ad space. The more categories and brands you select, the less need there is to fill with house ads.
Yes, we can. If you receive inquiries about running local or regional advertising on the website, we will provide you with an EFP contact who can help manage that process for you.
That’s up to you. EFP is ready to help you and your district get started earning revenue right now. Whatever stage your district may be in regarding trying this new opportunity, EFP is here to help. Please contact Karen Hanson, National Director, School District Programs at 904-334-8476 or khanson@www.edufundingpartners.com.