On-Campus Marketing Partnerships

Open the schoolhouse doors.

High-tech learning labs that introduce families to new technologies. Teen driver education campaigns to promote your safety initiatives with families. Fitness-focused healthy lifestyle initiatives with an emphasis on your products and services.

Integrate your education-friendly marketing efforts into the daily lives of parents, teachers and school communities. Marketing partnerships on-campus and online offer authentic access and deep engagement with audiences in the school environment.

EFP District Programs: Achieve Marketing Objectives and Support Our Schools

EFP offers an unparalleled system for engagement in the K-12 market through our connected platform of messages, experiences and transactions. You reach parents, teachers, administrators, and students to drive purchase decisions and build brand awareness. Engage school district audiences through EFP adNet and integrated marketing programs.

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Custom Programs

EFP develops custom programs to meet your brand objectives through our scalable, multi-channel platform. From parent communications and on-campus events to digital campaigns to programs that drive direct sales, EFP delivers the audience and reach you want in a highly credible, uncluttered environment.

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Benefit Zones

EFP aligns your marketing objectives with a key Benefit Zone –identified by districts nationwide as areas critical to support student success. Some examples of Benefit Zones include: Art & Music, Athletics, Financial Literacy, Health & Wellness, STEM and Student Achievement.

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Online Programs

EFP promotes your company’s campaigns to parents and teachers through school districts’ online and digital assets and partner education sites of interest to this target. From parent and teacher portals to school calendars, lunch menus, and science fair project planners, your messages reach parents and teachers on high-traffic pages.

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Build Trust

Connect with parents, students and teachers in the credible school environment

Capture Mindshare

Win the hearts and minds of key audiences with memorable, impactful engagement

Achieve ROI

Drive sales, build loyalty and achieve measureable ROI through EFP programs

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