Marketing Partnership Examples

Sponsor Success Snapshots

STEM: Technology Activation

Program: Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage Free Software
Objective: Increase Student Activations of Office 365 Academic Tools
Campaign: Web banners, Social Media, eNewsletter to Parents, Special Events & More
- Activations +170% vs. pre-program levels
- Cost per activation significantly reduced

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Flu Prevention and Awareness

Program: Largest US Pharmacy Chain
Objective: Flu Prevention, Build Awareness of Local Medical Clinics
Campaign: Sponsorships On-Campus
Results: Measured by increased clinic foot traffic and flu shot administration

BACK TO SCHOOL: Sponsor Supply Lists and Drive In-Store & Online Sales

Program: One of the World's Largest Discount Retailers
Objective: Back to School, Digitize Supply Lists and Drive Direct Sales
Campaign: Printed & Online Supply Lists, Online Media Campaign
Results: 100% compliance with classroom supply list initiative vs. 65% in other programs; website traffic + 80% vs. average for other programs; expanded Year II program for Back To School

DIGITAL-ONLY PROGRAM: Drive Targeted Traffic & Increase Conversions for ROI

Program: Shutterfly, eBags,, Groupon, Academy Sports, Full Sail University, Hilton
Objective: Online-Only Program to Increase Traffic to Targeted Landing Page and Conversions to Drive ROI
Campaign: Online Media Campaign on School District Websites and Other EFP Network Education Sites
Results: CTR’s averaging .2-1.0% and above during seasonal peaks

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