Corporate FAQs

More About EFP

EFP is a K-12 education marketing services firm that connects Fortune 500 companies to public school districts nationwide to build successful long-term marketing partnerships. 

EFP enables brands to reach and cultivate parents, teachers and students in the K-12 public school setting, via both on-campus and online channels. In turn, the schools receive much needed revenue to support public education.

EFP delivers valuable, efficient marketing access to public schools to increase brand lift and drive sales, while bringing new revenue streams to public schools.

EFP has working relationships with 100+ school districts across the nation. The EFP digitalConnect network has 30 million monthly impressions and growing rapidly.

EFP starts by understanding what the brand wants to achieve.  Then, using our school district marketing expertise, we work to customize a fully integrated, multi-channel program that engages parents, teachers and students in a responsible, education-friendly way.  Each campaign employs specific messaging, engagement and transaction opportunities to help you accomplish your marketing objectives and to deliver a measurable ROI.

No – EFP’s sponsorship program simply generates revenue for your district. Exclusive agreements share up to 80% of the revenue with your school district.

EFP develops and executes programs through our multi-channel marketing platform for some of the biggest American brands, including major discount retailers, major office supply chains and major pharmacy chains.

A typical full year sponsorship generates $1+per student for your district.

Brands have achieved compelling results with this new K-12 school platform in its first two years of availability.  For example:  A major “Big Box” piloted a back to school program that generated a 100% ROI.  Another major brand is entering its third year of sponsorship at expanded levels (markets, investment, strategic impact). A market leader received page three recognition in USA Today for making a smart marketing buy that helped put students into science discovery programs. Everything we do is measurable - EFP sets joint Key Performance Indicators with marketing sponsors before campaigns and reports against a quantitative and qualitative metrics set.

Yes – For some districts, this may be the perfect opportunity to generate ongoing revenue and show your constituents that you are a forward-thinking school district.

When done right, schools absolutely support this kind of marketing. EFP’s expertise in school districts combined with our Fortune 500 marketing backgrounds means we know how to bring the right brands, with the right programs, to the right schools.

EFP completes a thorough inventory process to ensure that only the most appropriate and responsible sponsorships are presented to your district. Districts review and approve every opportunity, and you may decline sponsorships that aren’t the right fit.

EFP is responsible for working with the school districts and schools to ensure the programs are executed as designed, with excellence. We provide brands agreed upon results reporting throughout the program.

Multiple districts around the country have approved, or are in the process of approving, formal advertising/sponsorship policies. EFP can provide leading policy examples upon your request.

EFP allows only one major brand per category at each marketing sponsorship level. We allow a few select non-competing brands in venue-specific sponsorships. Broader exclusive marketing relationships are available.

The risks are that it takes longer than expected to secure approved sponsors for your district. The rewards are significant, multi-year new revenue streams, with outside experts — EFP — managing the entire program.

As the marketing services liaison, EFP takes a percentage of the sponsorship dollars, with the majority of funds going directly to the school districts. Typically, EFP’s share is 20%.

While the exclusive agreement provides school districts the highest revenue share at up to 80%, EFP is now offering a non-exclusive M.O.U. that simply allows us to bring opportunities to you without any commitments or obligations (65% revenue share to district).

EFP creates sustainable, unrestricted sources of funding to school districts to restore and maintain educational programs. We work with districts to provide a formal, annual report that details how they spent the funds from your corporate marketing sponsorship.

Districts use the revenue based on their needs. Some examples of how districts use partnership dollars include:

  • Support field trips
  • Continue arts and music programs
  • Invest in technology
  • Retain and re-hire teachers
  • Fund successful dropout prevention programs
  • Purchase science lab equipment, band instruments or athletic uniforms

As a Certified B Corporation, EFP uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We work to protect your marketing investment and serve as strong advocates for your brand.

Please contact Tom Weeks, CEO, at 773-712-7207 or OR contact Karen Hanson, Director of School District Programs, at 904-334-8476 or