For Brands

Be the trusted brand partner in schools.

Meet your target audience – parents, teachers and students - on-campus and online.

They’re active, loyal consumers bombarded with thousands of messages every day. You can cut through the noise and gain authentic access and engagement with these valuable consumers.

EFP makes it possible through an efficient new distribution channel and integrated marketing platform that provides a direct connection to the uncluttered school environment.

EFP builds your brand in the education market through our scalable and integrated multi-channel platform with on-campus and online marketing touch points.

Through EFP adNet and integrated sponsorship programs, your education-friendly campaigns align with school education objectives to bring your message to engaged parents, teachers and students online and on-campus – all amplified by the first and only national network of large public school districts.

You win first mover advantage and improve brand perception by saving or enhancing popular education and enrichment programs.

Your Dollars in Action

Achieve your sales growth and brand building objectives through measurable, scalable programs

Picture high-tech computer labs sponsored by a leading computer manufacturer

Reading and literacy programs supported by a global communications company

Healthy, active lifestyle programs funded by a health care company

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