About Us

Connecting Brands and Schools

Education Funding Partners brings new financial resources to public schools to advance student achievement. We’re the first and only company to combine two powerhouses of the American economy – Fortune 500 companies and large U.S. public school districts – to transform education on a national scale.

Our marketing sponsorship model introduces sustainable, high impact sources of funding from carefully selected Fortune 500 companies to our national network of school districts.

The result: mutually defined and beneficial partnerships that protect, preserve, and enhance public education. EFP is a Certified B Corporation, using the power of business for a social good.

Our Goal

Our goal: deliver $100 million of unrestricted new revenue streams to the public education sector through Fortune 500 corporate marketing sponsorships.

The EFP Social Pledge©


  • No sponsorships/advertising in the classroom
  • No involvement in the curricula
  • Districts must approve all sponsors
  • Districts must approve all locations for messages, advertising and sponsor engagement
  • Districts never pay an upfront fee: EFP is 100% commission-based, we don’t get paid until districts do
  • What We Do

    Corporate Programs

    Brands meet their marketing and corporate social responsibility goals while building affinity with parents, teachers and students over the long term.

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    Education Programs

    Corporate dollars save, restore and enhance educational and enrichment programs without influencing curricula or encroaching on classroom teaching.

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    How it Works

    Corporations support schools through a new, education-friendly marketing platform. Brands access new audiences and schools gain much-needed revenue.

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