July 28, 2017

Systems Administrators are the Quiet Saviors

When your servers go down or you need help figuring out how to connect to that fancy new printer, who are you going to call? That’s right, Systems Administrators! They are always on call, 24/7, because when something breaks, they tend to be the only people who (actually) know how to fix it. Unfortunately, as with many “behind the scenes” job-holders, Systems Administrators tend to go unappreciated a lot of the time.

So, have you been trying to figure out how to give thanks to those who keep everything running smoothly? From systems administrators to other team members who ensure you get a good night’s sleep before events big and small, we all know nothing would function or get fixed without these tireless individuals. No one ever sends Olivia Pope flowers and chocolate, but thanks to Ted Kakatos – the founder of #SysAdminDay – you can dedicate an entire day to thanking your behind the scenes team members. The last Friday in July every year is SysAdmin Appreciation Day. It’s a real holiday that exists – it even has a Wikipedia page.

In all seriousness, though, we rely on our behind the scenes people more than we even realize a lot of the time. They are constantly working in all different areas to make sure that everything –from keeping servers running, to ensuring that a district-wide bake-sale goes off without a hitch – is always taken care of. It’s incredible how much effort it takes most of the time to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and that’s before we can even think about making sure we end up with booming successes. So, for all of you trying to figure out the perfect way to show your appreciation/gratitude/wonder at the abilities of our quiet saviors – aka the behind the scenes folks of the world – give #SysAdminDay a second look. It doesn’t take a lot to bring in some cupcakes or someone’s favorite flavor of ice cream, but it does mean everything to say thank you, and to make sure that every member of your team knows they are valued.

At EFP we want to give a shout-out to Joe Barthelt, our Systems Admin, without him we would surely be caught floundering more often than we’d like to admit. Who are you going to give a shout-out to? #celebrateSysAdminDay

Contributed by: Mariel Soto Reyes

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