May 11, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week

We have all had teachers who have made an impact on us. Teachers spend day in and day out in the classroom working to provide their students with opportunities to achieve and grow. Even outside of the classroom, teachers prepare lesson plans and brainstorm ways to engage their students and create a positive learning environment. Teachers give to their students, parents, and the community every day. This week, we have a special chance to give back to teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Week was established in 1984 by the National PTA to “honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children.” This year, Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, May 8-12, 2017. There are many ways to thank the teachers in your life. The National PTA has four easy ways listed on their website to #ThankATeacher.

  1. Have your students give thank-you cards to their teachers!
  2. Have your school principal, PTA/PTSA president or student sign and present these ready-made appreciation certificates to the teachers in your life.
  3. Have students share photos of appreciation activities during the week by using the hashtag #ThankATeacher on social media!
  4. Today, have your student upload a #TBT of themself with their favorite teacher and thank them for all they do!

Schools and parents can also show their support for teachers through programs and celebrations. Watauga County Schools (Boone, NC) partners with local businesses to provide special discounts for teachers and school employees to express their appreciation for the work they do. Districts like Chadwick (Chadwick, MO) celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week to honor the teachers and their dedication to education. The parents provide food and decorate the school to support and thank the teachers.

Teachers dedicate their careers to giving back to their community. This week is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for them. Remember to thank the teachers in your life this week!

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