Congratulations to the CCSSO National Teacher of the Year!

We all have a favorite teacher who made a difference in our lives. One who inspired us, who lit the proverbial light bulb in our head. There are so many incredible teachers, stimulating the best and brightest ideas in students across the country.

Today the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) announced the 2017 National Teacher of the Year. Imagine the task of identifying one single teacher from the millions of outstanding teachers throughout the country who are likely deserving of this recognition? Every one of the top 50 finalists is remarkable. One teacher from each state, who has achieved so much, has worked tirelessly to inspire and educate our future leaders.

This year’s winner is Ms. Sydney Chaffee from Massachusetts. She is extraordinary in so many ways. We’d love to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Chaffee. Read more about her and her accomplishments here.


  • 20 Apr, 2017
  • Lucy Melbinger
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