EFP Purpose.

Our goal is to help close the budget gap in public education through responsible and reliable brand support.

“Do well by doing good.”  

We provide brands the most engaging digital platform to reach parents and teachers while providing schools a sustainable source of revenue.

New Revenue. More Student Success.

EFP adNet is an always on programmatic ad platform that offers school districts a steady foundation of revenue creating innovation in advertising

Safe. Simple. Sustainable.

Generate new revenue for school districts through digital advertising

  • FREE – no cost to your district
  • FLEXIBLE – you choose where ads appear
  • FILTERED – you select from education-friendly advertisers
  • FRIENDLY – complements all templates and web designs
  • FAST – adNet integrates quickly within one week
  • FULL SERVICE – very little time is needed from your district
  • FUNDING – you decide how the revenue is used
Responsive Digital Advertising Across Screens

How It Works.

How can our district make the money we need?
How much revenue can my district earn?

District earnings are based on impressions.  Think of it as visitors to your website pages: placing ads on all sites, all pages, with all brands, equal more impressions and more revenue for your schools.

We recommend “All-Ways” On as the fastest way to meet your fundraising goal

  • “All” websites:  the district + individual schools
  • “All” highly visited pages: like district and school homepages, athletics, calendar, menus, staff and parent or “All” pages in the district – include multiple ads on a page – each count as an impression
  • “All” categories and “All” brands from the carefully vetted family and education-friendly list
  • “All-Ways” On is the quickest way to reach your revenue goal and is EFP adNet’s default setting

Thinking smaller? EFP can customize a program that fits your district revenue needs  – you have control over when, where and which ads are placed on your sites.

EFP Leadership.

Tom Weeks

Chief Executive Officer

Mickey Freeman


Nancy Kerbs

Vice PresidentMarketing

Suzy Williams

Director, School District Programs

Our District Team.

At EFP, Suzy Williams manages the school district team that serves as “the collective voice of school districts.” Tirelessly advocating on behalf of public school districts, they assist in creating the appropriate, responsible and compelling sponsorship packages for the education sector. 

Suzy and the district team know firsthand the challenges and triumphs of working in public education and bring this unique perspective to the overall EFP team. They are passionate about three things: Public Education, Student Achievement, and the EFP mission to bring new financial resources to school districts nationwide.

Suzy and the EFP team welcome the opportunity to connect with school districts to discuss specific needs and opportunities.


Mobile: (724) 624 – 5996

Reviews and Testimonials.

Founded in 2010, EFP is the oldest and most established national leader in digital innovation for public schools. EFP adNet was created to provide new funding solutions for school districts looking to build creative revenue streams.

Since its inception, EFP has built the safest digital advertising tool that only partners with education-friendly consumer brands. Every day, EFP strives to continue to iterate to remain best-in-class through new strategic partnerships, technology and product innovation. Districts, organizations, business schools and the press have taken notice and we hope you do too.

To become an EFP client or embark on a strategic partnership with the nation’s largest public school district advertising network, please contact us.

Our School Districts Include: